As kids, we enjoyed being at the track.  How exciting it was to be old enough to place our first bet! 

Our love for horses grew and so did our desire to be on the other end, whether it be racing or breeding and simply caring for them.

As years went by, we thought it would be great to own a horse but how could we afford to?  That is when we became involved in a few partnerships so we could learn, be involved and hopefully end up in the Winner’s Circle.

Bergen Stables was started because we understand what a partner wants and expects.  Through our partnership experiences, we have learned the good and the bad – mostly about how it feels to pay for a share of ownership and still be left out.  Communication is a must!

We offer select horses in partnerships for racing or breeding.  Knowing of our experience when we were in partnerships, there is a complete understanding of what a partner should get out of being teamed up with Bergen Stables.  Please know, however, the best interest of the horse will always come first and that includes letting the horse be a horse.  Our horses are and will remain drug free (unless medically necessary).

Our horses are stabled in New York and New Jersey and love to socialize! They welcome the attention  and enjoy getting treats so you are welcome to visit with them.  We find it to be therapeutic to watch the horses in the field or spend time one on one and just enjoy them.  It is always especially fun when the foals arrive!

As our experience and knowledge continues to grow each day, rest assured that you or the horses will never be ignored.

Join us as we continue our journey with these magnificent animals!


Sharlene and Jerry

Bergen Stables LLC